Blumenthal to hold 'field hearing' on health care overhaul

Obamacare in 2018 Many will pay the price

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It won't continue progress toward health-care coverage for all Americans made under Obamacare, but will do considerable harm.

Also watch for the Medicaid expansion to be phased out more slowly than the steep cliff proposed by House Republicans. Republicans from states that accepted the expansion want a much more gradual rollback of the expansion.

Portman is playing a key role in another negotiation over Medicaid.

"Health care is priority No. 1 right now", said Nicole Gill, executive director of Tax March, which organized more than 100 rallies across the country on April 15. I've spoken to a number of people who know McConnell well who speculate that he'll force a vote regardless of whether he knows he has 50 votes. Dean Heller of Nevada, who faces re-election in 2018. This bill taints everyone who touches it.

Murkowski has been frank about her frustration with how the Senate is crafting their health care bill.

After the president reportedly called the legislation "mean" and a "son of a b--" during a meeting with GOP Senators last week, some House Republican lawmakers were perturbed.

"In no uncertain terms, a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act is a declaration of war on women", said Karin Roland, chief campaigns officer at UltraViolet, the principal organizer of the sit-ins (visit UltraViolet's website for more information about the day of action).

List of GOP lawmakers found in Virginia shooter's pocket
Hodgkinson , a 66-year-old former home builder and lead removal contractor, had run-ins with police but no felony convictions. The hospital said Scalise was shot once in the left hip, fracturing bones and causing severe bleeding.

Democrats have recently ramped up their criticism of the GOP for attempting to pass such momentous and potentially devastating legislation without revealing any of their plans to the public.

Senate Democrats have chose to muddle the chamber's work in a bid to highlight the closed-door nature of Republicans' health care negotiations.

That's not normal, say nonpartisan health care analysts and historians.

While several Democratic lawmakers applaud the idea, some remain hesitant, fearing the move will paint them as obstructing business while setting the potentially unrealistic expectation that they might be able to stop the repeal. Rep. Greg Walden of OR, who helped shepherd the party's health-care overhaul bill through the House last month, sat down with Louise Radnofsky, The Wall Street Journal's White House reporter, to offer his take on where the effort stands. Apparently, there are to be no hearings, nor will the bill be published before the vote.

Sanders' prediction that the AHCA is a disaster is not a far leap to make - after all, earlier versions of the bill were universally panned and even Republicans found it hard to defend the loss of coverage to their constituents.

"Certainly, there's an agreement that you eliminate every tax that has to do with increasing the costs of insurance premiums - so the health insurance tax, the medical device tax, the prescription drug tax - there is some question about what you do with the taxes related to high income individuals, and that's part of the debate", Barrasso said.

Two of the most conservative members in the Senate are going to be major players in the race to count health care votes.

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