Australian girl on vacation killed in Baghdad car bomb blast

Canbera: A 12-year-old Australian high school student has been confirmed as one of at least 20 people killed by an Islamic State auto bomb which exploded in Baghdad on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said on Wednesday.

The explosion of a auto bomb killed at least 11 people and injured 17 people.

The strikes came as forces fought to retake the last areas held by the Islamic State group in their former stronghold of Mosul.

The year seven girl was killed when a bomb exploded in a busy ice cream parlour in Baghdad on Tuesday.

Haidar Hussein, 22, had been sitting with friends at a coffee shop near the Al-Faqma ice cream parlour in the capital's central Karrada district.

Several children were among the dead, and graphic footage from the scene showed scenes of devastation, with body parts strewn across the ground.

Other videos of the attack posted on social media show wounded and bloodied people crying for help on the footpath outside the ice cream parlour.

Hours later, during rush hour, another auto bomb exploded near the state-run Public Pension Office in the busy Shawaka district, killing at least 14 and wounded another 37.

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He also called on the Israelis and Palestinians to make compromises for peace - but gave no specific details on what he meant. Islamist gunmen who murdered at least 26 Christians traveling on a bus on Friday in central Egypt forced their victims.

IS militant group claiming responsibility for the blast that killed at least 13 people and wounded 40.

The death toll from a suicide bombing in Iraq's western Anbar province on Tuesday has risen to 17, according to a local government official.

Islamic State, the Sunni hardline group that controls parts of Iraq and Syria, claimed all three attacks in statements on its Amaq news agency.

"I still expect her to come and tease me, and play around, and make fun and joke".

The lights at the Eiffel Tower were switched off on Wednesday night (May 31) to honour the scores of victims from the huge truck bomb that struck Afghanistan's capital, the Paris mayor said.

Zynab was buried last night in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf.

IS is mainly relying on "snipers and suicide bombers" to target Iraqi forces, as it is running low on mortar rounds and explosives after losing sites it previously used to produce them, Iraqi Brigadier General Shakir Kadhim Mohsen told AFP.

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