Apple has rolled out massive update for its users

Tim Cook announced that the Apple watch will now have an updated software with new watch features and personalized alerts. However, it couldn't talk about everything that's on the offer. I'll concentrate on mobile device management features in iOS 11, but first I want to go over some of the general announcements. Apple aims that, through iOS 11, all their more recent iPads will be able to function at their best and turn into valuable laptop replacements even.

The Independent reports that: "When an Apple device running iOS 11 tries to connect to your Wi-Fi network for the first time, your Apple device - as long as it is also running iOS 11 - will display a prompt saying "Share Your Wi-Fi". The process is pretty simple. The AR ecosystem for Apple iOS is virtually non-existent, but by introducing support and releasing the ARKit for developers, Apple has set things in motion for the future. This feature will save you the trouble of memorising the password and then entering it manually. For people who have smaller iOS devices, this automatic app deletion feature will come in very handy.

So, the new app dock is ever-present and makes it super-easy to switch between your favorite and your most recently-used apps. "iOS 11 checked so many boxes of what people had asked for", he said in an interview. However, as someone who is not completely invested in the Apple ecosystem (I'm a heavy Spotify user, for instance), I have doubts over how much value I'd derive from this at the minute.

Automatically Deleting Apps- One of the coolest iOS 11 details so far we have learned about is the automatic deletion of apps that you do not need anymore. Users could allow applications to use the location all the time, only while using the app, or restrict the app from using their location altogether.

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The Files app does put an iOS spin on the idea, not only integrating your files from the iPad, but from other cloud sources as well. This will help not only in extending the battery life, but also in offering better user location privacy.

The US technology firm has just unveiled its latest iOS 11 operating system which brings a swathe of improvements to its most popular devices.

The live photo feature is being extended so Apple users can record their own short videos by selecting the Loop and Bounce option.

Among the devices that will support iOS 11 is the iPhone 8. The second iMessage effect is "Spotlight", in which a selected message gets highlighted with a spotlight-like effect over it, while the rest of the content is blacked out. Just walk within talking distance of the Apple TV and use voice commands to control the playback. Users with devices running iOS 11 can just tap once on the AirPods to skip the music track that's now being played.

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