A percentage of adult Americans think brown cows make chocolate milk

Getty Images  	 Refreshing Delicious Chocolate Milk with Real Cocoa

Getty Images Refreshing Delicious Chocolate Milk with Real Cocoa

That figure comes from an Innovation Center for US Dairy survey of more than 1,000 people conducted in April. At least SEVEN of them believe that brown cows are responsible for chocolate milk.

The survey carried out by the Innovation Centre of US Dairy has discovered that some 16.4 million people did not know where chocolate milk came from. According tothe results, almost half of respondents weren't sure where chocolate milk comes from, and seven percent said it's produced by brown cows.

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The survey also returned interesting results when it comes to adult behavior because 29 percent of adults admitted to using their kids as an excuse to buy flavored milk for themselves. Many more lacked familiarity with basic farming facts, like how big USA farms typically are and what food animals eat. It turns out that 48 percent of American adults just don't know. Industry has replaced agrarian lifestyle nearly entirely - and the result is that we don't know who grew our food, but we do know what brands they come from.

In one study from 2011, researchers found that more than half of the fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students they interviewed did not know pickles were cucumbers or that vegetables such as onions came from plants. A quarter of Americans have gone to the store before 6 a.m. just to get milk, and 95% of Americans now have at least one kind of cheese in their fridge. They've been complaining for decades that Americans are woefully ignorant about what they eat. "Knowledge is power. Without it, we can't make informed decisions", the paper further added.

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