A new clip from Transformers: The Last Knight has been unleashed

Lamborghini's Centenario coupe at the premiere of Transformers The Last Knight in London

Transformers: Bumblebee Spinoff Will Be Taking Place In The 80s

Although Bay revealed he was no longer attached to the franchise, when asked if he could be persuaded to return he said he needs a "little time" after only finishing the latest instalment "five days ago".

Movie website Fandango has interviewed director Michael Bay about his plans for the future, and they once again do not include another Transformers film.

Transformers: The Last Knight opens in theaters on June 21, 2017.

Director Michael Bay and actors Stanley Tucci and Jerrod Carmichael were also at the premiere.

Now, Michael Bay hopes to improve the 3D experience by shooting natively in a format that allows two cameras to create a more engrossing effect. So, you have to be careful about what somebody says about somebody unless you doubt them personally. This is the last Transformers.

Mark Wahlberg poses with a Lamborghini Centenario at the premiere of Transformers The Last Knight in London
Where In Time Is Optimus Prime? 'Transformers' Prequels Heading To Iconic And Historic Settings

"These movies that I've done, they are massive movies".

A&E's most accomplished hamburger impresario shared on The Graham Norton Show that he's done with the Transformers franchise. He dished, "Anthony Hopkins and I were trying to have dinner 'cause he, he lives in Malibu and we had such a great time together and got along so well". As revealed above, Bay has shot almost 98% of the film with IMAX cameras, which should immediately make seeing this film, on the absolute biggest screen possible, an absolute must. "I think I've had a good run, and I've got a lot of other movies I want to do".

Those curious to see a Transformers movie not directed by Mr. Youngers fans who sat in for the original Transformers film are old enough now to buy into a restricted film based on the autobots.

Laura Haddock plays the role of Oxford University Professor Viviane Wembly forming an alliance with Wahlberg's character Cade Yeager in order to save the world.

Transformers: The Last Knight's voice cast includes Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, John Goodman as Hound, and John DiMaggio as Crosshairs.

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