House speaker rejects Trump's branding of Comey as 'nut job'

Ryan rejects Trump’s branding of Comey as ‘nut job

Paul Ryan wants to put tax reform on Trump's desk by Christmas

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would like everyone to know that he doesn't agree with the "nut job" part. Trump went on to say that by getting rid of Comey, Trump relieved himself of "great pressure".

Ryan pointed out later that he personally likes Comey and feels that he was placed in no-win situations during the campaign. "He was insane, a real nutjob", Trump reportedly told Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Watch the clip above, via CNN. And he's not, ' Ryan said at an Axios panel discussion.

Ryan said he supported letting the Russian election interference investigations "take their course" at the Department of Justice and on Capitol Hill, declining to comment about items "under ongoing review".

The "nut job" story, reported Friday, said that during their May 10 Oval Office meeting, Trump bragged to Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about terminating Comey as Federal Bureau of Investigation director, calling him that term in the process. I'm not sure it was meant that way. "What are we supposed to do, just sit back and let this thing collapse?"

Budget office to gauge health bill effect on coverage, cost
This could lead to an insurer telling the state, "Either you take this waiver or we stop offering individual insurance", he said. According to the CBO, the bill would decrease spending by $1,111 billion, but would have a $992 billion reduction in revenue.

"When he sees a goal he wants to achieve, health care is a ideal example, he just focuses on it".

While lawmakers from both parties have criticized Trump's proposed cuts to food stamps, payments to the disabled and other social programs, Ryan called the budget proposal a "refreshing" change from President Barack Obama.

While many Americans may be concerned with some of the decisions that Ryan makes, they'll likely agree with his non-nut job and pro-GIF stances.

"We're focused and determined to get our work done". "It really actually isn't", Mr Ryan said.

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